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Sydney’s Most Reputable Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs Company

Installing AirCon Units at Commercial Places – Guaranteeing Good use of best Brands.

Omega Air service and repair specialists for Sydney Metro, North and South West Sydney.

At Omega Air our service technicians specialise in Air Conditioning heating and cooling solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Air conditioning systems from High Rise buildings to residential houses. Air Conditioning Technicians and subcontractors are fully licensed and experienced.

Indeed, our pool of seasoned professionals is flawless when it comes to installing air conditioning systems at offices and other commercial places, which enjoy a reasonably high footfall throughout the year. We also guide our valued customers to get an appropriate system and install it quickly and perfectly. We do everything as you sit back and enjoy!!

Regardless of the dimension of your airconditioning needs, we will get you the best system that will fulfil your bespoke needs. Indeed, we take pride in taking into consideration the needs of our valued clients and coming up with a picture-perfect airconditioning solution to fit in those requirements.

Our techies who deal with commercial air conditioning repair in Sydney are specialist in that field, and that makes sure that their service is absolutely flawless.

So, are you looking forward to AC installation or service for your business or your departmental store? We will have it done and covered for you. Our techies are enough experienced in all types of commercial AC systems, and we will make sure your investment pays off in the best possible way.

And most importantly, they all have extensive experience in servicing and maintenance of all Air-conditioning systems for all the leading brands make and models.

Omega Air supply and install all the major brands. We do Service and Maintenance for brands like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Fujitsu, Samsung and Panasonic etc.

Do You Know?

The average cost of energy for an HVAC system for building varies between 40% to 60% of the total energy a business spends. So, there is an immense scope of reducing the energy spend and improve efficiency.

In fact, this is the reason why take up so much care to engineer these projects. From simple single office HVAC system to the more advanced commercial centralised building system – we can deal with all and provide you with the best possible solution to meet your needs.

What does best HVAC Solution Involve?

The best HVAC system ideally involves adapting to an existing HVAC system for making it more energy-efficient. It may also include creating a completely fresh layout of the HVAC system.

Since both these go a long way in reducing commercial energy consumption and related costs, we keep in constant touch with our clients to be aware with their needs and come up with the best solution that will work for short as well as long term.

For determining the best commercial HVAC service for, we:

Assess the business needs of our clients along and at the same time gauge the present state the HVAC system is presently at.

Develop a feasible plan

Provide our clients with quotes and various options

Finally, we work in close coordination with our clients throughout the entire process for designing a system, which is best suited for the building as well as the business compulsions

Expert AC Engineers

We have all certified AC Engineers to service, install and repair Air conditioners. We have service area all around Sydney.

100% Genuine Parts

We use only 100% Genuine Parts for AC repairs, we acquire all parts from verified vendors throughout Sydney.

Wide Service Area

We cover all of Sydney for servicing, installation and repair of Air Conditioners. We expertise in Split, Window, Cassette and Ducted AC.

The areas we cover while maintaining the AC system:

Thoroughly cleaning and deodorising the indoor air conditioning unit

Checking, supplying and then returning the designated air temperature of the HVAC system

Cleaning the indoor coil (if needed) of the air conditioning system

Checking the evaporator drain on the AC system

Checking the remote control operation of the system

Inspecting the outdoor AC unit

Checking the condenser fan of the AC system

Checking the refrigerant level

Checking the AC pipe insulation

Inspecting the AC ductwork (if any)

While we offer services at a cost-effective rate, it depends upon the type of AC system we deal with. And we do not have any hidden costs!

Therefore, if you are looking forward to overhauling your commercial AC system or commercial refrigeration installation in Sydney of a fresh one for a better solution to the issues you are facing, we are just a phone call away. Call us up today, and our techies will take into account your needs, come up with the best solution with a free quote!!!